Saturday, February 18, 2012

There are no flag days

In life, there are many occasions where the thought of having let down something or someone is so depressing or guilt provoking, that the only way one could counter it is by setting 'flag days'. We decided with solid confidence that from tomorrow onward, we ll do it the other way.The Belief at that point is so re-enforced by one's guilt ridden psyche that we assume it to be a valid solution to the problem. But the issue is, tomorrow never comes.

There is a famous quote that reads:
If you keep doing what you have always done, you ll keep getting what you have always got

At times, we fail to understand the profound fact in the above seemingly obvious statement. The hope that there will be an upcoming change fuels our mind and keeps it going. But are such flag days possible? Is it actually possible to turn one's life with just sheer determination? If so why are there so many rehab centers making their money out of addicts?

Everyone must have experienced the flag day atleast once in his/her life. A day when you promised yourself to change/do something and then ended up not doing it. What is it that introduces this procrastination in a process that we so dearly wanted? Things change. The decision was taken with a completely different set of environmental parameters. The next day it changes, and the old thing may not seem as important as it was.

To solve it, the notion of flag days are to be eliminated. Life flows in a time-space continuum. Life always happens. There are no breaks. So instead of setting flag days, and trying to jump over the hill, start climbing on it, one step at a time. It always works. So the next time you get an epiphany, instead of getting psyched up and jumping you gun, it is much safer to make a proper plan and act upon it - one step at a time.



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