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Running DHCPerf on Ubuntu

DHCPerf is an open source load testing tool for DHCP-Server setups. The tool is capable of generating DHCP Client traffic with a customizable load. It comes in handy in stress testing scenarios. I have tested it to work with Ubuntu 12.0 and Nomium's DHCPerf 1.0. Steps : Download the  Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server ES3 (x86) version of DHCPPerf from here: We need the Alien tool to convert the download RPM format file to debian package to be installed in Ubuntu. Download Alien tool by running: $sudo apt-get install alien Convert the downloaded RPM file to Debian package format through Alien using the following command        $sudo alien -k DHCPPerf1.0.1.0.rpm The Converted Debian package would be placed in the same folder. Install it using the following command: $sudo dpkg -i DHCPPerf1.0.1.0 .deb The DHCPerf, by default, gets installed into /usr/local/nom/... To Run, navigate into the bin folder under nom and run the