Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How does it feel to be one among billions?

The feeling of not standing out of the crowd is something that troubles everyone at some point of time of his or her life. It is the mixture of a desire to be a somebody and the fear of loosing one's own uniqueness. The Race to create a name for oneself is what that motivates and drives most towards greatness. But just stop for a second and think about it... Is it really worth it? Though deep inside, we know that it is short game and it wont matter much in the long run, still we tend to occupy ourselves with seemingly necessary missions.

Viktor Frankl, a renowned psychiatrist called this 'Noo Dynamics'. It is a never ending race that accelerates a person to match what he thinks he is to what he wants to be. Again, is it worth it? Why not? Most people don't have anything better to do. The Meaning of life is what that drives us. It is what that gives a man the needed energy to get up from his bed and do what is to be done. It is what that feeds the psyche and supports the soul. Without a meaning, life will loose its animation. Things start to become boring and redundant.  It makes one feel like a nobody.. Like someone who is just another in those billions. And most people wont like to be in this state. With a world filled with people with such uncertain mental frameworks, it is insane to expect sanity.


  1. I'm glad when I stumbled upon your blog that i took a moment to read your first post...incidentally have read all your posts now, you have a very insightful and eloquent style. Look forward to more. Take care, Que

  2. * sorry I meant all first three of your posts



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