Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lost forever

One of the addiction that is tough to get over is love for a friend. Irrespective of how horrible the spilt up was, no matter what reasoning lead to the parting, a warm mind would naturally gravitate toward the beautiful memories of the long lost friend. There will be a feeble voice from inside that brings up the possibility of getting in touch with him or her, only to be silenced by the rational mind which takes us through the thought process that you once used to justify your action.

It is just plain painful but sweetly melancholic to remove the photo album tagged with that friend. You cant let it stay, cos there is too much pain at every time of remembrance, and there is remembrance at every time of sight. Some times, we scribble about the special new friend to those dear diaries with a hope that they stick around long enough and when it doesn't work out you can't tear away the page or strike off that scribbles of innocent happiness... It is a permanent stain on the Diary's memory lane and is not always pleasant. If only the diary had a mystic power to convey people what I write about them in it... If only my dear diary had told her what I felt... Or at least showed me what she wrote in her's...Things would have been much more interesting.


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